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Best Practices for NGOs and Non-profit Organizations
Publié: 2010

Organisation: Aide américaine aux réfugiés du Proche-Orient (ANERA)
Projet: Empowering Women's Community Based Organizations in Jordan

The presentation provides a set of best practices for NGOs and non-profit organizations, such as the mission statement and evaluation. It includes information on the Board of Directors, the issue of conflict of interests, human resources, transparency, the development of financial resources and community participation.

Performance Evaluation for NGOs
Publié: 2010

Organisation: Aide américaine aux réfugiés du Proche-Orient (ANERA)
Projet: Empowering Women's Community Based Organizations in Jordan

This presentation addresses the main aspects of performance evaluation for NGOs. It focuses on nine points: mission statement and goals, legislation, membership, governing bodies, planning and implantation, services and programs, IT, financial resources and the relations with governmental and international organizations.

Contemporary Assessment Practices Creating a Multi-Faceted, Data Driven Assessment Process for Student Learning
Publié: 2010

Organisation: Associés créatifs internationaux
Projet: Partnership School Project in Oman (and the Middle East)

This presentation describes assessment practices. It offers a comparison of assessment of learning vs assessment for learning, focusing particularly on the latter. It offers teachers tips and tools on how to craft assessments for learning to more effectively measure students' understanding of taught materials.

Measuring Performance in the Nonprofit Organization
Publié: 2010

Organisation: Ecole de gestion Rady, université de la Californie, San Diego
Projet: Middle East Entrepreneur Training Program in the U.S. (MEET U.S.)

This presentation focuses on performance measuring as it applies to non-profit organizations. It outlines the importance of measuring impact, what non-profits can and cannot measure, challenges and  pitfalls to avoid. Also included are examples of impact assessment flowcharts.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Publié: 2013

Organisation: Partenaires pour un changement démocratique
Projet: Local Engagement for Advocacy and Dialogue (LEAD)

This handout describes monitoring and evaluation as an embedded concept within project or program design and emphasizes that monitoring is integral to evaluation. It describes types of evaluation, levels of outcome and the process of program evaluation.

Fundraising Program: Effective Proposal Writing
Publié: 2014

Organisation: Organisation SOUL pour le développement
Projet: Youth Learning for Change

This training manual focuses on the steps to develop, write and submit effective proposals. Details are provided for the preparation phase, project formulation, developing problem statements, determining objectives and sub-goals, designing the monitoring and evaluation plan, defining project components and following up with the donor.

Monitoring & Evaluation for Third Sector Organizations
Publié: 2015

Organisation: Partenaires pour un changement démocratique
Projet: Support for Training, Advocacy and Networking for Development (STAND) program

This manual is meant to serve as an introduction to monitoring and evaluation for organizations interested in strengthening their knowledge and promoting collaboration and sustainability within the civic sector. It is one of a series of 12 manuals that was developed as part of the STAND program, which aims to build the capacity of non-profit organizations in Kuwait and the region. A brief introductory video is available in English with Arabic subtitles: The full tool kit also is online:

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