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Résolution de conflits

A Training Session on: Measuring Conflict: Mediation and Negotiation
Publié: 2010

Organisation: Fondation Proche-Orient
Projet: Community Involvement in Reforming Primary Education

This presentation provides an overview of conflict management strategies, including mediation and negotiation techniques. Although focused on mobilizing local actors to support a primary education development program, the presentation offers general activities and solutions for conflict mitigation.

Youth in Action
Publié: 2010

Organisation: YWCA Liban
Projet: Women and Municipalities: A Platform for Political Participation

This selection of handouts from a workshop on creating a violence-free environment includes guidelines on how to conduct effective interpersonal communication, how to negotiate effectively and how to create a strategic plan for implementing NGO projects.

Conflict Resolution SOUL
Publié: 2014

Organisation: Organisation SOUL pour le développement
Projet: Youth Learning for Change

This slide presentation reviews conflict resolution, starting with the five stages of conflict: pre-conflict, confrontation, crisis, outcome and post conflict. It describes common causes and types of conflict, and then moves on to techniques to resolve conflicts, including dialogue, negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Leadership Skills and Peacebuilding
Publié: 2015

Organisation: Kuwaiti Human Rights Society
Projet: Youth Leadership for Peace-Building (YLP)

This guide describes the peace-building process with a focus on integrated concepts and culture. It highlights development of leadership skills for advocacy campaigns and factors for garnering external support. The guide also identifies concepts and types of human rights, good governance, effective project writing and training skills.

Conflict Management
Publié: 2015

Organisation: Partenaires pour un changement démocratique
Projet: Support for Training, Advocacy and Networking for Development (STAND) program

This manual is meant to serve as an introduction to conflict management for organizations interested in strengthening their knowledge and promoting collaboration and sustainability within the civic sector. It is one of a series of 12 manuals that was developed as part of the STAND program, which aims to build the capacity of non-profit organizations in Kuwait and the region. A brief introductory video is available in English with Arabic subtitles: The full tool kit also is online:

Peace Journalism
Publié: 2015

Organisation: Lebanese Center for Active Citizenship
Projet: YouthTube for Peace

This presentation focuses on the media’s role and responsibility in covering conflict. It explores the definition of conflict, distinguishes between conflict and combat, and discusses characteristics of conflict related to the media. It also highlights media covering sensitive conflicts and the responsibility of print publications and onscreen programs. Additional material includes examples of news on social media sites and the importance of objectivity versus bias in news reporting.

Problem Solving
Publié: 2015

Organisation: Pal Think
Projet: Towards Becoming an Entrepreneurial Society through Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship in Gaza

This training manual focuses on problem solving, providing training objectives, a detailed agenda, needed materials for a workshop and criteria for selecting appropriate problem-solving solutions. It includes notes for the instructor for a guided intervention and optional discussion.

Conflict Management Techniques Manual for Youth Councils
Publié: 2016-09-20

Organisation: Recherche de points communs
Projet: Empowering Young Change-Makers in Tunisia

This conflict management manual for Tunisian youth promotes constructive dialogue between various socio-political groups. It provides tools to work with local officials and communities in a positive manner and focuses on conflict definitions and solutions. The manual focuses on specific strategies to avoid conflict.

Political Participation
Publié: 2016-12-01

Organisation: Pal Think
Projet: Towards Becoming an Entrepreneurial Society through Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship in Gaza

This presentation highlights obstacles to women’s political participation, including media constraints, and provides suggestions to develop women’s role. It focuses on Palestinian political life and participation in decision-making and also more broadly on international charters and covenants, including: civil and political rights, elimination of racial discrimination, elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW), and increasing women’s participation in peacekeeping and conflict resolution initiatives.

Publié: 2016-12-01

Organisation: Pal Think
Projet: Towards Becoming an Entrepreneurial Society through Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship in Gaza

This training manual provides an overview of mediation, including definition and explanation of attitudes and non-alignment in the context of mediation. It outlines eight skills and five steps for mediation and describes the principles and ethics of the mediation process.

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