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Media Matters: Tips and Tools for Breast Cancer Awareness Leaders, Building Bridges for Advocates Across the MENA Region
Published: 2010

Organization: ICF International
Project: US-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

This presentation describes media outreach tools, including press releases, media advisories, pitch letters and op-ed articles. The presentation was developed by ICF International in collaboration with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Media Relations
Published: 2010

Organization: Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD)/Center for Liberty in the Middle East (CLIME)
Project: Online Activism Institute

In this self-paced course, participants learn how to use the media to communicate their messages to constituencies. Media techniques are described, including how to present messages online. Also included is information about how to organize media briefings and materials to keep the media informed of plans, events and accomplishments.

Executive Guide - A Civil Society Approach to the Media
Published: 2010

Organization: Arab Foundation for Development and Citizenship
Project: Promoting Citizenship to Engage Arab Youth

This manual contains a table of contents, as well as an introductory section focusing on the manual's goals - who it is intended for and how to benefit from it. It also contains a chapter on "The Media and Us," covering the history, financing and importance of the news media.

Effective Website Design and Integration of New Media for Outreach
Published: 2011

Organization: International Republican Institute (IRI)

This presentation from a two-day training focuses on new media campaigns and using the Internet as a tool for enhancing readership and promoting messages. Three proposed goals are: answering why, improving relevance and increasing activity. Examples of types of content, design, delivery and an action plan are included.

Strengthening Women Parliamentarian's Skills in Televised Appearances
Published: 2013

Organization: Daem For Media
Project: Strengthening Women Parliamentarians Media Skills

This manual focuses on the importance of television as an outreach tool and describes how to effectively participate in televised interviews. Practical instructions and tips are provided for three scenarios: participating in a talk show, appearing within a news report to discuss a particular event, and appearing to present a specific opinion on the subject of debate within a news program.

Strengthening Women Parliamentarian's Social Media Skills
Published: 2014

Organization: Daem For Media
Project: Strengthening Women Parliamentarians Media Skills

This training manual provides general information about the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and includes instructions for creating accounts. It also provides an overview of tools and features for new users and highlights tips for public figures.

The Press Release: What the Media Want to Know About You
Published: 2014

Organization: International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)
Project: Social Media | Social Action for Good Governance

This introductory presentation for CSOs highlights reasons for needing the media and an overview of news, journalists and who to reach out to. It also describes the structure and sections of press releases.

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