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Développement local et des ONGs
Publié: 2010

Organisation: Association des populations des montagnes du monde du Maroc (Maroc APMM)
Projet: NGOs in the Mountain & Good Governance

Cette présentation offre une vue d’ensemble sur la relation entre les ONGs et les communautés locales dans lesquelles elles travaillent. Elle traite du développement communautaire, de même que des avantages et des désavantages des ONGs dans ce contexte. Le document présente aussi des outils pour améliorer la relation entre ces acteurs.

Tunisian Election Law Handbook for Lawyers
Publié: 2011

Organisation: Association du barreau américain (ABA)
Projet: Democracy and Community Development Program

The comprehensive "Tunisian Election Law Handbook for Lawyers" describes and explains the country’s legal provisions surrounding electoral conduct. The handbook provides advice on applying Tunisia’s new Election Law and presents Tunisian lawyers with guidance on substantive law and procedures from the Constituent Assembly. The handbook also highlights potential areas of dispute and legal strategies in assisting citizens on election legal issues.

ROCCD Policy Advocacy Handbook
Publié: 2012

Organisation: Institut pour le développement économique et social (ISED), Solutions
Projet: Results Oriented Commercial-Organization Capacity Development (ROCCD) Project

This handbook is designed to facilitate improved provision of policy advocacy services by partner business development organizations (BDOs) in the Maghreb. It introduces tools that BDOs can use to organize, prioritize and monitor public advocacy activities and provides lessons learned from recent public advocacy efforts in the region. Training notes and workshop exercises are included, and case studies are provided for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

A Training Manual on Empowering Women With Rights to Inheritance
Publié: 2013

Organisation: Wi'am : Centre de résolution de conflit et de transformation palestinien
Projet: Inheritance Denied: Combating Gender Inequality in Property Rights in Palestine

This training manual contains detailed information about the concept of inheritance in Palestinian and Islamic law and the laws governing inheritance. It explains women’s shares in inheritance and property rights in religious and legal systems, along with problems women encounter in obtaining their inheritance. The manual offers practical steps for an advocacy campaign to raise women's awareness of legal procedures to advocate for their rights.

Guide to Monitoring Public Money
Publié: 2014

Organisation: Organisation pour la promotion de l’intégrité (OPI)
Projet: Women Against Corruption and for Women’s Participation

This manual provides an introduction to corruption, including a focus on combatting corruption and a broad overview of the manifestations of wasting public money. It also includes information on how to monitor and document incidents of wasting public money and the responsibility of official public bodies to protect public funds. The guide presents methods for reporting and following up on incidents where public money is being wasted, emphasizing the rights of the citizen.

HR and Job Description Guide
Publié: 2016

Organisation: Associés créatifs internationaux
Projet: Libyan Local Council Administration and Legitimacy (LOCAL) Program

This training manual provides several definitions of human resources and emphasizes the importance of human resources for public administration. It provides job descriptions based on several criteria, including the purpose of the job, duties and responsibilities, supervisory responsibilities, qualifications and level of communication with other parties. Sample job descriptions are given for the local council chairman, the Shura Council and key administrative positions.

Training Session on Municipal Administration and Project Management
Publié: 2016

Organisation: Associés créatifs internationaux
Projet: Libyan Local Council Administration and Legitimacy (LOCAL) Program

This guide highlights aspects of effective contract administration in local governments - from award to closeout. Emphasis is given problem avoidance, day-to-day operating practices, working relationships and performance monitoring systems, such as early detection and correction of non-performance. Sections, all focusing on local government, include: decentralization, strategic management, project cycle management and contract cycle management.

Finance and Budget Guide
Publié: 2017-03-14

Organisation: Associés créatifs internationaux
Projet: Libyan Local Council Administration and Legitimacy (LOCAL) Program

This financial guide highlights the legal and practical aspects of finance and budgeting for municipalities. It includes budget principles and details the preparation and implementation of budget documents and leadership statements.

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