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Students Civic Engagement Training Curriculum
Publié: 2015

Organisation: Apprentissage du monde
Projet: Promoting Education, Altruism, and Civic Engagement (PEACE)

This manual provides six training modules focused on leadership and volunteerism to promote workforce and community engagement through experiential learning. While the module progression is designed to build a comprehensive leadership program, each module can be used as a stand-alone two-hour program. Each module includes a one-page overview: module background, objectives, expected application, data collection plan, pre-training preparation and outline.

Volunteerism: A Practical Guide for Non-Profit Organizations
Publié: 2017-01-01

Organisation: Partenaires pour un changement démocratique
Projet: Support for Training, Advocacy and Networking for Development (STAND) program

This manual provides an introduction to volunteerism and volunteer management for organizations interested in becoming more sustainable. It is one of a series of 13 manuals that was developed as part of the STAND program, which aims to build the capacity of non-profit organizations in Kuwait and the region.

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