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A Course in Critical Reading of Media
Publié: 2009
Organisation: Keshev - Le centre pour la protection de la démocratie en Israël

This course provides a model for critical reading of the media and is targeted to students of secondary schools on the representation of the Arab minority in Israeli media. It includes a manual for secondary school instructors called "Communicating Peace," which suggests criteria for evaluating news coverage and includes modules for teaching about problematic news coverage of Jewish-Arab relations in the major Hebrew-language Israeli press.

Mohammed Bitar and Al Manarah - Mobile App for the blind and visually impaired
Publié: 2012
Organisation: Conseil international pour la recherche et les échanges (IREX)
Projet: Social Media | Social Action for Good Governance

Arabi Israeli developer Mohammed Bitar worked with Al Manarah to develop this mobile app for the blind and visually impaired, allowing this audience to listen to Arabic language literature on their smart phones. It also features bookmark and review functions. Al Manaraah is based in Nazareth, Israel.



This app was funded by the IREX Social Media | Social Action program, through the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

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