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Guide to Small Business and Employment
Published: 2010

Organization: Lebanese American University
Project: Young Women Leaders Program

This manual focuses on starting a small business (English), employment of women (English), labor law in Saudi Arabia (English/Arabic), preparing for interviews (English/Arabic), interviewing skills (Arabic) and CV writing (English).

How to Start Your Own Business
Published: 2010

Organization: CHF International
Project: Youth Economic Development Initiative

This manual goes over general issues involved in starting a business, including legal, administrative and planning issues, focusing on the Palestinian Territories.

MENA Businesswomen's Network
Published: 2010

Organization: Vital Voices Global Partnership
Project: MENA Businesswomen's Network

The website includes resources and tips for starting a business, management and leadership, references and research, and advocacy.

Personal Productivity and Time Management
Published: 2010

Organization: Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego

The presentation focuses on time management, personal productivity and "mastering the mundane." It includes a productivity pyramid, time matrix and a summary of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Seminar Curriculum (Module 3)
Published: 2010

Organization: ICF International
Project: US-Saudi Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

Building off the previous session, this curriculum walks learners through the process of clearly identifying the project by using previously discussed techniques.

Seminar Curriculum (Module 4)
Published: 2010

Organization: ICF International
Project: US-Saudi Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

This curriculum offers tips on how to connect to the audience and communicate vision through clear presentations. Included are activities and peer review worksheets to assess fellow trainees' performance. It is to be used with the presentation prepared for the fourth module.

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