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Youth Political Awareness: The Yemeni Political System (Civic Values and Political Rights)
Publié: 2014
Organisation: Centre d’apprentissage ouvert pour la formation et la consultation
Projet: Youth Political Awareness

This training manual for youth describes the Yemeni political system in detail, including the executive, legislative and judicial branches. It focuses on how parliament works, the system of local governance, including provincial local council and its committees, and also highlights the electoral system, voters' rights, sorting votes, campaigning, the five stages in an election and electoral appeals.

Rule of Law Website (Qatar)
Publié: 2010
Organisation: Association du barreau américain (ABA)
Projet: Qatar Civic Education

This website focuses on the training event, "Promoting the Rule of Law and Civic Education in Qatari Schools." Features on the site include interactive case studies, charts and quizzes that illustrate what the rule of law means, sources of law, how laws are made and how conflicts are resolved, lesson plans, and legal resources. http://www.ruleoflaw.org.qa/en/

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