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Fundraising Program: Effective Proposal Writing
Publié: 2014
Organisation: Organisation SOUL pour le développement
Projet: Youth Learning for Change

This training manual focuses on the steps to develop, write and submit effective proposals. Details are provided for the preparation phase, project formulation, developing problem statements, determining objectives and sub-goals, designing the monitoring and evaluation plan, defining project components and following up with the donor.

Financing Politics: The Middle East and North Africa
Publié: 2013
Organisation: Fondation internationale pour les systèmes électoraux (IFES)
Projet: Enhancing Transparency in Political Finance in the Arab Region

This manual highlights the importance of political finance in the Middle East and North Africa, and provides a discussion of global and regional standards in the regulation of political finance. Country studies are provided for Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen.


The Arabic version of this manual will be available later.

The Citizen’s Guide to a Civilized State
Publié: 2011
Organisation: Fondation de développement Tamkeen (TDF)

This manual aims to raise awareness of Yemeni citizens about the definition of a civil state - its principles, components and guarantees. Additionally, it reviews the role of youth and civil society organizations in establishing a modern civil state.

Manual to the Libyan Stock Market and Central Bank of Libya: Bank Strategic Planning & Corporate Governance Development
Publié: 2011
Organisation: Corps des volontaires des services financiers (FSVC)
Projet: Partnership for Financial Excellence IV

This manual focuses on strategic planning and corporate governance for banks. It highlights assessment, business strategies, practical considerations and recent trends in corporate governance. Charts include: Fundamental Elements in Formal Business Strategic Planning, External Risk Assessment, The Life-cycle Portfolio Matrix, the Shareholder Value Network, and more.

Supporting Local Governance in Yemen - Steps to Improving Relationships between Citizens and Government: Manual for Local Councilors, Civil Society Organizations and Citizens
Publié: 2010
Organisation: Institut national démocratique (NDI)
Projet: Expanding Support for Political Reform

This manual is specific to Yemen and improving the relationship between citizens and their government. It focuses on participatory local governance and public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS) and a six-step process, including a SWOT analysis and engaging stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Code
Publié: 2010
Organisation: Centre pour l’entreprise privée internationale (CIPE)
Projet: Building a Modern System of Corporate Governance

The emphasis of this manual is on corporate governance code in Bahrain, but it also focuses more generally on corporate governance principles.

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