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Pays: Tunisie
Principles of Corporate Governance: Transparency, Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility
Publié: 2017-11-28
Organisation: Centre pour l’entreprise privée internationale (CIPE)
Projet: Building a Modern System of Corporate Governance

This presentation gives tips for journalists on covering companies; mergers and acquisitions; privatization, government intervention and regulation; and foreign direct investment.

Tunisian Election Law Handbook for Lawyers
Publié: 2011
Organisation: Association du barreau américain (ABA)
Projet: Democracy and Community Development Program

The comprehensive "Tunisian Election Law Handbook for Lawyers" describes and explains the country’s legal provisions surrounding electoral conduct. The handbook provides advice on applying Tunisia’s new Election Law and presents Tunisian lawyers with guidance on substantive law and procedures from the Constituent Assembly. The handbook also highlights potential areas of dispute and legal strategies in assisting citizens on election legal issues.

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