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Human Rights: Training Material in Civil and Political Rights
Published: 2014
Organization: Open Learning Center for Training & Consultation
Project: Youth Political Awareness

This presentation engages the audience in a conversation about human rights. The focus includes citizenship values, equality, discrimination, freedom and participation. It highlights several rights, including: the right to associate and form trade unions, form political parties, freedom of speech and expression, vote and equal access to government employment. It also highlights the duties of citizenship and includes a discussion of incorporating the rights of citizens in Yemeni legislation.

Providing an Education to Students with Handicapping Special Needs
Published: 2010
Organization: Creative Associates International
Project: Partnership School Project in Oman (and the Middle East)

This presentation is an introduction on how to provide education for students with special needs. It describes the different categories of disabilities, the role of the various actors in providing education for these students and what leaders need to do to make schools more responsive to children with special educational needs.

Advocacy Case Studies: Hungary
Published: 2010
Organization: International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL)
Project: Civil Society Law Reform
English Arabic

This presentation outlines steps taken in Hungary to reform the law related to the obligation to ensure access for people with physical disabilities.

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