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The Citizen’s Guide to a Civilized State
Published: 2011
Organization: Tamkeen Development Foundation (TDF)

This manual aims to raise awareness of Yemeni citizens about the definition of a civil state - its principles, components and guarantees. Additionally, it reviews the role of youth and civil society organizations in establishing a modern civil state.

The Political Empowerment of Youth in Yemen
Published: 2011
Organization: Yemeni National Forum for Human Rights (NFHR)
Project: Youth and Democracy Reform in Yemen

This resource describes an inclusive democratization process in Yemen through increasing political awareness and empowerment of youth. The training guide presents a wide range of programs, exercises and workshops focusing on democratic principles. It includes five chapters: concepts of political empowerment and youth; political rights and duties; mechanisms of political empowerment; political empowerment skills; and the future of youth political empowerment.

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