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Financing Politics: The Middle East and North Africa
Publié: 2013
Organisation: Fondation internationale pour les systèmes électoraux (IFES)
Projet: Enhancing Transparency in Political Finance in the Arab Region

This manual highlights the importance of political finance in the Middle East and North Africa, and provides a discussion of global and regional standards in the regulation of political finance. Country studies are provided for Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen.


The Arabic version of this manual will be available later.

Training Course for Women Candidates for the 2010 Municipal Elections
Publié: 2010
Organisation: YWCA Liban
Projet: Women and Municipalities: A Platform for Political Participation

This document provides background information on the need for increased women's participation in Lebanon and on the basic principles of democracy and local governance. It also includes training modules covering public service, leadership, communication and campaigning.

Polish Your Public Speaking Skills
Publié: 2010
Organisation: Fondation pour la défense des démocraties (FDD)/Centre pour la liberté au Moyen-Orient (CLIME)
Projet: Online Activism Institute
Anglais Arabe

This self-paced public speaking course was designed primarily for women running for public office in the Arab world. It describes how to craft and deliver a message that is memorable. The aim is for participants to become more confident, prepared and in-demand speakers.

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