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FW: Website for safeguarding elections
Publié: 2015
Organisation: Démocratie internationale
Projet: Supporting Election Monitoring Innovation in MENA Region

FW: (Forward) is an informal, web-based community of civic activists, technology junkies, academics, bloggers, journalists and citizens interested in learning about and sharing new approaches and tools for safeguarding elections. The site is available in English, Arabic and French at www.fwelections.com.

E-Mediat: Electronic Media Tools, Technology & Training website
Publié: 2011
Organisation: Institut d’éducation internationale (IEI)
Projet: E-Mediat

E-Mediat is a public-private partnership providing new media training to NGOs throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Managed by the Institute for International Education, the URL is http://www.emediat.org/. Country pages are included with tools and success stories.

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