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Mobile Phone Camera: Tips on Buying and Getting the Full Benefits
Publié: 2012
Organisation: Conseil international pour la recherche et les échanges (IREX)
Projet: Social Media | Social Action for Good Governance

This file provides tips on how to choose a mobile phone camera and how to get the best performance from it.

ROCCD Policy Advocacy Handbook
Publié: 2012
Organisation: Institut pour le développement économique et social (ISED), Solutions
Projet: Results Oriented Commercial-Organization Capacity Development (ROCCD) Project

This handbook is designed to facilitate improved provision of policy advocacy services by partner business development organizations (BDOs) in the Maghreb. It introduces tools that BDOs can use to organize, prioritize and monitor public advocacy activities and provides lessons learned from recent public advocacy efforts in the region. Training notes and workshop exercises are included, and case studies are provided for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Algerian Family Code
Publié: 2011
Organisation: Additional Relevant Resources

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