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Economic Growth

Some of the Economic Growth projects funded by MEPI have focused on entrepreneurship training, women in technology and building corporate governance systems.

Deposit Insurance in the Systemic Crisis: Initiatives and Challenges Ahead
Published: 2010

Organization: Financial Services Volunteer Corp (FSVC)
Project: Partnership for Financial Excellence

This presentation focuses on deposit insurance, International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI), interventions in the crisis, principles for effective deposit insurance systems and what's next globally.

Guide to Small Business and Employment
Published: 2010

Organization: Lebanese American University
Project: Young Women Leaders Program

This manual focuses on starting a small business (English), employment of women (English), labor law in Saudi Arabia (English/Arabic), preparing for interviews (English/Arabic), interviewing skills (Arabic) and CV writing (English).

Crs   mentor project   beirut 2015
This 2015 Catholic Relief Services workshop in Beirut was for Middle East-North Africa Civil Society Organizations Training and Organizational Development Response (MENTOR) project. Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

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