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Guide to Small Business and Employment
Published: 2010

Organization: Lebanese American University
Project: Young Women Leaders Program

This manual focuses on starting a small business (English), employment of women (English), labor law in Saudi Arabia (English/Arabic), preparing for interviews (English/Arabic), interviewing skills (Arabic) and CV writing (English).

Preparing for the Job Market
Published: 2011

Organization: Additional MEPI-Funded Resources

This presentation focuses on skills for job searches, including preparing a resume and cover letter, how to succeed at job interviews, steps to improved communication and how to effectively manage time.

Telemarketing Selling Skills
Published: 2011

Organization: Additional MEPI-Funded Resources

This presentation outlines the elements of an integrated telemarketing process, focusing on professional use of the telephone in the sales process. It highlights benefits of a career in sales and definitions of the sales and buying processes. It also details planning telesales, the cost of selling and ideas to increase sales. Exercises are included.

Work Readiness Soft Skills Program
Published: 2017-01-01

Organization: Education for Employment (EFE)
Project: Capacity Building for High-Quality Growth

This training manual on workforce readiness includes information on EFE's pedagogical approach, resources for instructors and detailed program schedules and accompanying resources. Five courses are included, ranging from keys to personal and professional development to succeeding in the workplace. Each course provides modules, talking points and activities. The material was piloted in Yemen as part of a job training and placement program for unemployed youth and were later utilized for a training of trainers in Amman in October 2017. An Arabic version of the manual will be added when available.

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