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Vital Voices Global Partnership

Hope for Hurting Families: A Guide to Co-Located Services in the Middle East
Published: 2011
Organization: Vital Voices Global Partnership

This manual focuses on establishment of Family Justice Centers (FJC), or Family Safety Centers, which provide services in one location for victims of family violence and their children. The manual includes lessons learned in Jordan and provides a road map for future Centers in the Middle East. Tips are provided for coalition building, strategic planning, getting buy-in, volunteers and more.



Advocacy Public Private Dialogue Toolkit
Published: 2011
Organization: Vital Voices Global Partnership
Project: Policy Advocates for Women's Issues
French English Arabic

The goal of this toolkit is to provide advocates with a practical guide to create and manage advocacy campaigns. It also focuses on skill building in public-private dialogue as a means for promoting and implementing the campaigns and strategic planning skills including monitoring and evalution, management and budget creation. An example of a Public- Private Dialogue Business Plan is provided in English.

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