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Technical Areas: Governance and Human Rights
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Resource Tags: Conflict Resolution
Teaching for Peace
Organization: Lebanese American University
Project: Equality for Everyone: Gender Reform from Grassroots to Government
This guide provides background on democracy, citizenship, diversity and conflict management resolution. It highlights the social goals of education for peace, including approaches, prejudices, tolerance, understanding of conflict, human rights and education through citizenship.

Leadership Skills and Peacebuilding
Published: 2015
Organization: Kuwaiti Human Rights Society
Project: Youth Leadership for Peace-Building (YLP)
This guide describes the peace-building process with a focus on integrated concepts and culture. It highlights development of leadership skills for advocacy campaigns and factors for garnering external support. The guide also identifies concepts and types of human rights, good governance, effective project writing and training skills.

Lesson Four: Resolving Conflicts - Student Version - Handout 4.1
Published: 2010
Organization: American Bar Association (ABA)
Project: Qatar Civic Education
English Arabic

This handout includes vocabulary words, scenarios, and exercises, focusing on whether a law should be changed.

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