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Media and Conflict
Organization: Maharat Foundation
Project: Media and Diversity
This training manual for media professionals focuses on the relationship between the press and conflicts. It focuses on how journalism and conflict coverage contribute to maintaining security, non-escalation and resolving kidnappings. Part one includes five chapters on skills related to media in conflict and negotiation. Part two has four chapters on how media professionals behave in conflict situations.

Peace Journalism
Published: 2015
Organization: Lebanese Center for Active Citizenship
Project: YouthTube for Peace
This presentation focuses on the media’s role and responsibility in covering conflict. It explores the definition of conflict, distinguishes between conflict and combat, and discusses characteristics of conflict related to the media. It also highlights media covering sensitive conflicts and the responsibility of print publications and onscreen programs. Additional material includes examples of news on social media sites and the importance of objectivity versus bias in news reporting.

Business Journalism and Corporate Governance
Published: 2010
Organization: Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
Project: Building a Modern System of Corporate Governance

This document focuses on how to effectively report on corporate governance issues. It outlines elements of corporate governance, the benefits of good governance and the questions that someone reporting on the topic should ask.

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