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1.2: Intros and Code of Conduct
Published: 2014
Organization: Mercy Corps
Project: Advancing Civic Engagement in Tunisia and Global Citizen Corps (GCC)

This resource for trainers focuses on how to present a code of conduct for building a group. It provides summary, topic overview, learning objectives and key messages. It also includes lesson procedures and specific suggestions and definitions. The ideal ages of participants are between 10-29. An overview of the program also is available:

Guide to Monitoring Public Money
Published: 2014
Organization: Organization for Promoting Integrity (OPI)
Project: Women Against Corruption and for Women’s Participation

This manual provides an introduction to corruption, including a focus on combatting corruption and a broad overview of the manifestations of wasting public money. It also includes information on how to monitor and document incidents of wasting public money and the responsibility of official public bodies to protect public funds. The guide presents methods for reporting and following up on incidents where public money is being wasted, emphasizing the rights of the citizen.

Ethical Leadership in Education: A Global Perspective
Published: 2010
Organization: Creative Associates International
Project: Partnership School Project in Oman (and the Middle East)
English Arabic

This is a presentation on ethics as it applies to leaders in the field of education. It defines ethics, outlines the characteristics of ethical leaders and includes extracts from the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession. There are also case studies for reflection.

Webinar: Getting and Maintaining Support for Your Internal CSR Programs
Published: 2010
Organization: Vital Voices Global Partnership
Project: Building Public-Private Partnerships for Women's Advancement - MENA Businesswomen's Network

This presentation focuses on the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), getting buy-in at higher levels, making the “business case” for internal CSR programs, broadening internal colleague support networks, and making the program work for your company/organization.

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