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Program Guide for Civic Education
Published: 2010
Organization: Higher Education for Development (HED)
Project: Civic Education Partnership Initiative

This teacher's guide to the Higher Education for Development Moroccan civic education course provides educators with insights into effective ways of teaching the course and engaging students.

Introduction to Concepts in Citizenship and Public Life
Published: 2010
Organization: YWCA Lebanon
Project: Women and Municipalities: A Platform for Political Participation

This presentation briefly defines the terms "citizenship" and "citizen" and the link to the concept of democracy. It also outlines the general rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic system.

Tip Sheet for Volunteers in the Classroom
Published: 2010
Organization: American Bar Association (ABA)
Project: Qatar Civic Education
English Arabic

This brief tip sheet is for professionals from the legal community who partner with teachers in primary and secondary schools.

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