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Fighting Child Labor through Social Inclusion and Financial Education
Organization: Algerian Network for the Defense of Children's Rights NADA
Project: Fighting against Child Labor Through Social Inclusion and Financial Education
This slide presentation summarizes a report from the National Symposium on the Protection of Children from Economic Exploitation in the Parallel Market. Key themes include: • delineating the negative effects of economic exploitation on the normal development of children; • increasing and intensifying efforts to protect children from economic exploitation; and • integrating and rehabilitating previously exploited children and adolescents.

Students Civic Engagement Training Curriculum
Published: 2015
Organization: World Learning
Project: Promoting Education, Altruism, and Civic Engagement (PEACE)

This manual provides six training modules focused on leadership and volunteerism to promote workforce and community engagement through experiential learning. While the module progression is designed to build a comprehensive leadership program, each module can be used as a stand-alone two-hour program. Each module includes a one-page overview: module background, objectives, expected application, data collection plan, pre-training preparation and outline.

Algerian Family Code
Published: 2011
Organization: Additional Relevant Resources

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