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International Development Support and Consulting (IDSC)

Participant's Guide to Advocacy and Networking Strategies
Organization: International Development Support and Consulting (IDSC)

This facilitator’s manual describes stages of CSO development and highlights financing, funding management, resource mobilization and challenges. Detailed information is provided for: • Funding: types of resources, corporate social responsibility and requirements for finance managers. • Networking: types of networks, their importance, benefits and downsides, and the role of advocacy and alliances. • Advocacy: characteristics and dynamics of successful advocacy campaigns, and methods for influencing policy and formulating advocacy objectives. • Research: suggestions for planning and utilizing public opinion and surveys of external members and groups.

How the Community Knows its Needs and Resources
Organization: International Development Support and Consulting (IDSC)

This manual for a workshop on resource evaluation methods introduces assessment tools for local needs and resources. It aims to increase opportunity for creativity and innovation among facilitators and local residents. The manual recommends using the base approach for community situational assessment and explains the importance of development needs assessments. Additional content includes: • Defining development needs, development assessments and the community needs assessment methodology. • Description of the foundations of community participation assessment methodology. • A detailed roadmap for facilitating the workshop and conducting an assessment, including field preparation and implementation.

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