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Women's Rights in Kuwaiti Personal Status Law and Bahraini Judicial Rulings (Practical)
Organization: Freedom House
Project: Women's Rights in Kuwaiti Personal Status Law and Bahraini Judicial Rulings

The Practical Part of the Women's Rights in Kuwaiti Personal Status Law and the Bahraini Shari'a Judicial Rulings documents two national campaigns on women's rights and family law launched by civil society in the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain. This portion also places the campaigns within the framework of the larger movement for family law reform in each country as well as advocacy strategies and lessons learned for women’s rights activists in the Gulf region and beyond.

Advocacy Public Private Dialogue Toolkit
Organization: Vital Voices Global Partnership
Project: Policy Advocates for Women's Issues

The goal of this toolkit is to provide advocates with a practical guide to create and manage advocacy campaigns. It also focuses on skill building in public-private dialogue as a means for promoting and implementing the campaigns and strategic planning skills including monitoring and evalution, management and budget creation. An example of a Public- Private Dialogue Business Plan is provided in English.

Principles of Corporate Governance: Transparency, Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility
Organization: Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
Project: Building a Modern System of Corporate Governance

This presentation gives tips for journalists on covering companies; mergers and acquisitions; privatization, government intervention and regulation; and foreign direct investment.

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