The Maktabat MEPI Library is a regularly updated online repository for training resources developed by civil society organizations and institutions that support civil society in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through funding from The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). Maktabat MEPI also includes additional resources created by organizations that work towards more pluralistic, participatory and prosperous societies throughout the region.

The broad range of topics included in Maktabat MEPI reflects the wealth of information and knowledge developed by MEPI projects. The site currently offers more than 500 resources such as training manuals, curricula, presentations, website links and related reports, on topics ranging from establishing a new business or NGO to advocating for an important issue or running for office. In addition, a Trainer Database was launched in October 2011 to provide a resource for civil society organizations that are looking to identify experienced local trainers to assist with their projects.

MEPI is a regional program that helps citizens in the Middle East and North Africa to develop more pluralistic, participatory and prosperous societies. From within the Near Eastern Affairs Bureau at the State Department, MEPI advances U.S. foreign policy goals by supporting citizens’ efforts at economic, social and political empowerment, expanding opportunities for women and youth, and helping communities work alongside governments in shaping their own futures. MEPI’s activities underscore President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s commitment to democracy and civil society in the region, and follow the approach the President laid out in his Cairo speech: engaging with peoples as well as governments, in a spirit of mutual respect and rooted in a commitment to universal values. To learn more about MEPI, please visit http://mepi.state.gov.

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